Mother of missing Blount County teen speaks out

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Maryville (WVLT) - Blount County authorities need your help finding a missing teen.

Kristen Ann Wyrick was last seen at a drive in restaurant in Maryville. In an exclusive interview, her mother tells Volunteer TV what they fear has happened to her.

"No this has never happened before," Laura Treloar said.

Laura Payne Treloar is talking about her 19-year-old daughter Kristen Ann Wyrick of Maryville. She's been missing for the last 2 months.

"I love her, and I miss her," Treloar said.

Laura last saw her daughter on Thanksgiving. Kristen missed Christmas.

"That's not normal. She's always here for Christmas," Treloar said.

In fact, the last time anyone saw here was at this Sonic on East Lamar Alexander Parkway in Maryville. That was on December seventh. She was with 17-year-old Seth Davidson. The last time Kristen logged on her Myspace account was also December seventh.

"I'm worried about her welfare. I don't know if she's dead or alive," Treloar said.

Blount County Sheriff's Department is investigating the disappearance. Laura says she just wants a phone call.

"I want to know where she's at whether she's alive and whether she's well or not. I just want to know she's okay," Treloar said.

A simple plea from a very distraught mother.

Kristen has a tattoo of a shamrock on her ankle, a heart tattoo on her stomach, and a brown birth mark on her right forearm.

If you have any information, please call Blount County Sheriff's Department.

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