Father, Son arrested for undercover officer hit and run

Ronald Dean Rosenbaum, 49 of Mascot

KNOXVILLE (WVLT) – A father and son have been charged after a hit and run accident that left a Knox County undercover officer injured.

It happened Thursday evening around 9 PM at Rutledge Pike and Loves Creek.

Driver Ronald Dean Rosenbaum, 49 and Ronald Samuel, 27, both of Mascot, rammed the officer’s vehicle while making a left turn.

"It was tremendous, it sounded like a shotgun blast,” said Steven Cicale who witnessed the accident. “It sounded loud enough that I heard it over the radio of the car while I was in the far turn lane."

Samuel was later found intoxicated, walking down the side of Loves Creek Road.

His father, who had fled the scene, was stopped on Chilhowee Drive, only to flee again.

Officers finally forced him to stop at Silvia Drive, where he was also taken into custody.

Rosenbaum has been charged with vehicular assault, driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident, evading arrest and driving on a suspended license.

Samuel was charged with public intoxication.

Both have long criminal records ranging from public intoxication, theft, burglary, evading arrest, driving on a suspended license, failures to appear, reckless driving, assault, larceny, and driving under the influence.

The undercover officer received minor injuries and was treated and released from the University of Tennessee Medical Center.

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