Witness talks about capture of third inmate

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Newport (WVLT) - Thanks to your phone calls and leads, a massive manhunt for 3 Cocke County jail escapees is over.

Two inmates were apprehended about 4 o'clock Monday afternoon, then the third followed soon after.

In an exclusive interview, Volunteer TV talked to one girl who witnessed police arresting the third escapee in the Newport Park.

An all day manhunt ended here Monday afternoon. Courtney Burris was walking the track with her mom when she noticed Joshua Lynn Parker, one of the three escapees.

"He moved from set to set you know of playground equipment," Burris said.

Courtney says Parker watched her walking. Then moments later, a normal walk at the park for Courtney turned into a very intense afternoon.

"Tahoe came swarming on the grass and men came out yelling get down get down and they caught him," Burris said.

Parker was the final escapee found after 34-year-old James Lee Reed and 24-year-old Mark Allen Capanyola were found about a mile from the park. Parker was convicted of second degree murder and attempted rape last Friday for killing 65-year-old Evelyn Lackey.

Evelyn's son, Johnny, expressed his disappointment that Parker got away!

"Don't feel good they let him escape from the county jail," Lackey said. "It's been 5 years since and finally justice and then this."

So why were the inmates able to escape?

"All over the state all over the nation we're being asked to do things with meager resources, it's hard for us to do what taxpayers are asking us to do," U.S. Marshal Jeff Hedden said.

Now officers start their investigation as to what really happened.

"And try to have a better idea if there was an intricate plan or if it was just a spur of the moment kind of thing," Deputy U.S. Marshal Warren Mays said.

But the important thing is now. No one was injured and the 3 escapees are behind bars.

U.S. Marshal Mays says the men didn't resist officials. Mays says the men crossed the Tennessee river Sunday night and they were cold and wet, which made them haggard and very tired.

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