Dealing with the snow and ice

Snow outside the WVLT Studios in West Knoxville.

Knoxville (WVLT) -- Snow and ice in Knox county slowed traffic and caused several accidents Wednesday morning.

But some people were still glad to see the white stuff fall.

Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt has more on several areas that got blanketed with snow.

Heavy snowfall froze roads in Knox County and made traveling this morning difficult.

Driver Russell Sebby says, "We've seen quite a few cars like spinning around and stuff."

Bridges and overpasses were the worst.

Several cars driving too fast lost control as they tried to brake.

Driver Joe Wagner says, "I'd say black ice, and it was slick! I just slowed it down and kept on going."

As cars tried to make it up a hill on rifle range road several lost control and began to slide.

Some slid into one another, others slid right off the road.

An ambulance, a K-9 cruiser and several cars found themselves stuck until icy conditions cleared up.

Driver Kim Hatfield says, "I started sliding and the car was in front of me and I just kept sliding, so I stopped. There was a PT Cruiser coming down and she was just sliding, she couldn't stop, she ran into me, then a van hit me."

Students at Pond Gap Elementary found a different reason to be excited for school today.

Karen Sharpe with Pond Gap Elementary school says, "This is exciting, every child has hopped out with a smile on their face."

Despite all the problems, many were happy to finally see snow.

Sebby says, "We need it, we haven't seen it in a long time."

Wagner says, "I like it, I think it's beautiful."

Temperatures will remain near freezing for Wednesday night.

This means there could still be some slick spots, so if you have to go out on the roads, slow down and drive safely.

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