Campbell road crews: Preps paid off!

Campbell County (WVLT) -- Tuesday's prep paid-off for the Campbell County Highway Department, helping crews to sweep snow away from more than 600 miles of county roads.

Despite their efforts, the snow still kept some drivers from venturing out.

Volunteer TV's Jim freeman was out and takes us for a snowy ride.

Teresa Barber is a server at the Shoney's in Caryville and says, "Super slow! We've had three tables, and we've been open since six."

And for good reason.

The morning's snow and ice put the brakes on Shoney's breakfast business at Caryville.

Barber says, "Well, we usually have anywhere from about 10-15 tables here the first hour."

And even some big rigs put on the brakes earlier than usual.

Alan McMillan is a cross country driver and says, "Well, last night when the snow started, I hit a rough patch 30 miles north of Berea, and I decided I'd better shut down. So, I shut down in Berea for the night."

For those truckers pushing a plow instead of pulling a load...

Herbert Perkins drives a plow truck for the Campbell County Highway Department and says, "It's been cold and slick."

Their night was just beginning. Early morning in Herbert Perkins' case.

Perkins says, "About 3:30 this morning. We've been pushing about all morning."

It's the most gear shifting Perkins has done this winter. WIth a snow plow on the front of his truck... that is.

And the results are more than just scraping by.

Black Muse is the assistant road superintendent for Campbell County's Highway Department and says, "I'd say we got around three to four inches of snow, about two to three inches on the road. We're grading it off pretty good. We've about got it whooped down in there."

Road Superintendent Dennis Potter says that his crew carried out today's game plan just like he drew it up.