US Airways to charge for second piece of luggage

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Knoxville (WVLT) - You used to be able to check two pieces of luggage on the plane for free, but times are a changing.

You'll now see a 25 dollar charge from one airline. US Airways passengers say they're not surprised with the rising oil prices, but they're not happy about the decision.

The next time you and your family board a US Airways flight, you'll be paying extra for that second suitcase.

"Don't feel too happy about it," passenger Janet Zachmann said.

That makes some fliers like Janet Zachmann upset.

"They've already cut out food, cut out drinks, they've cut out so much, and now they're going to charge us more. I just think it's rough for people who travel more," Zachmann said.

US Airways is the second airline to add a 25 dollar fee to your second check-in bag. United Airlines was the first a few months ago.

"Going to cost me a lot more money," traveler Bill Cordlnna said.

Bill Cordlnna travels back and forth for business.

"Sometimes on business I have extra package so may cost me extra couple hundred dollars a month," Cordlnna said.

And it's going to cost his work more money.

"So prices go up for everybody," Cordlnna said.

But it means more money for US Airways. They're estimating a total revenue increase of about 75 million dollars from the extra luggage fee which they say will cover rising fuel prices. Carl Kras flies a lot for work, but he's thinking about what effect the extra fees will have on his personal travel.

"Thought it would impact pleasure travel, but not really business, but pleasure," Kras said.

Whether you're flying business or pleasure, the new 25 dollar charge will fly out of your pocket and land in the airline's pockets.

If you're in US Airways frequent flier program and have reached preferred status you won't have to pay the fee or if you fly first class.
The fee goes into affect on May fifth.

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