One killed when pine tree falls on Blount Co. home

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Walland (WVLT) - The severe weather Tuesday turned fatal for a Blount County woman.

53-year-old Sherry Lowe died after the wind blew a tree on top of her home. Officials say this is one accident they've never seen.

Sherry Lowe loved living in the mountains amongst the trees, but that's what ultimately killed her when this pine tree cut like a knife through her trailer.

"Probably about like getting struck by lightening. I mean it's not very good odds at all," Blount County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Marian O'Briant said.

But as odds would have it, another tree fell in the exact same spot one year ago almost to the day, but that day Lowe was at work.

"This time she was in the bedroom. It crushed her to death," friend Wendell Wilson said.

Officials say she died instantly. Lowe's two dogs kept emergency crews from getting to her quickly. Then they worked for hours to remove the 75 foot pine tree. It wasn't an easy task.

"It was very difficult we had to bring in a very large wrecker to chain the tree to the wrecker and pull the tree out," O'Briant said.

Sherry was like a sister to Wendell Wilson. Friends for more than 25 years.

"She's the biggest thing in my life," Wilson said.

He rushed to the scene as soon as he got the word.

"I'll always love her whether she's here or gone. I'll always love her," Wilson said.

Another irony to this story, Lowe had just scheduled the tree removal service to come next week to cut down the trees.

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