Covenant Health Partners to buy Roane Medical Center

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Harriman (WVLT) - We're learning more details about the future of Roane Medical Center.

There's a plan in place for Covenant Health Partners to buy the hospital and expand health care in Roane County.

Volunteer TV's Liz Tedone has the details.

Earlier this week the Harriman City Council approved an agreement for Covenant Health to buy Roane Medical Center and build a new 50 million dollar hospital in the area.

Forty-two acres off the Midtown exit in Roane County will be the site of a new 50 million dollar hospital. It's part of the Covenant's buyout of Roane Medical Center.

"That was the main thing that separated Covenant from the other hospital groups that we talked to, a lot of people were interested in what we had, but nobody was willing to do a fifty million dollar building," Harriman mayor Chris Mason said.

The takeover is expected in 45 days, and the construction of a new facility will take about 4 years.

"This building will revert back over to the city, so then we will deal with it and we can lease it, we can sell it," Mason said.

As for Roane Medical Center employees, Covenant has agreed to rehire all of them and relocate some if necessary to other Covenant facilities.

Covenant will perform a study in the next year which will dictate what types of services will go in the new building, right down to the number of hospital beds.

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