Tennesseans New Tradition: Going out for Easter Sunday brunch

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KNOXVILLE (WVLT) – More people each year are taking part in the growing tradition of going out to brunch after their Easter Sunday services.

The Holiday Inn Select at Cedar Bluff's opened its doors for Easter at 11:00 AM Sunday morning.

Anyone could attend the brunch, and even though the hotel doesn’t advertise it, they still managed to draw a big crowd.

"It's mostly word of mouth,” said Brandon Ward, chef at the Holiday Inn Select. “We see new people every year, and then sometimes the people that come in are just staying here, so they will grab a quick bite before heading out to see their families.”

Ward described this year’s menu as offering traditional Easter cuisine with a conventional twist.

Items included crab stuffed salmon, roast prime rib, and rotisserie.

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