Over the counter paternity tests

Knoxville (WVLT) -- For about $150, you can now purchase a paternity test, over the counter, no questions asked.

For 10 years, the tests have been available online.

Now, the collection kits are available over-the-counter.

It's as simple as dropping a couple of DNA samples in the mail.

Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt has more.

Doug Fogg with Identigene says, "This is a very convenient, inexpensive, confidential way for you to get answers pertaining to paternity."

And it's available at rite aid stores all over the country.

Identigene, a dna testing laboratory, has sold paternity tests online for about 10 years.

They say making tests available in drug stores gives people more options.

Fogg says, "Where we could reach another segment of the market, that may not have access to internet or would be more inclined to purchase the product from their local drug store."

Here's how it works: You swab the inside of a child and the possible father's cheeks and send the sample to the lab.

Anyone, any age, can buy the kit for about $20 at Rite Aid, and about $120 to get the results.

But long's Drug Store pharmacist, Hank Peck, says cheaper isn't always better, "I just don't think under circumstances doing something through the mail is the appropriate way."

But Identigene chief operating officer, Doug Fogg, says it's reliable, "If you follow those directions there should be no complications in the sample collection so really is a fail-proof product."

Peck says he would suggest dealing with your family doctor, "I think that if it's important if you're dealing with situations like this that you're dealing with people who you can talk to face to face."

Fogg emphasizes the over the counter tests are not for legal purposes, "If the individual is interested in persuing paternity testing for legal purposes then we encourage them to contact our company and we will coordinate a legal collection for them".

The tests are also available at Myer drug stores.

Identigene hopes to talk with other drug stores in the future.

For more information, click on the link below.

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