Boating on Tennessee waters gets more expensive with gas increases

LOUISVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- There's a hefty price to pay to get out on the water, especially with gas prices teetering at close to $4.00.

Tith gas still in the tank from a fill-up just a couple weeks ago, it's almost 30 cents a gallon cheaper than what it will be tomorrow.
and the marina manager tells me he couldn't even get a price when he ordered it because the price is constantly changing.

the price of gas at louisville marina was three dollars 73-cents this morning, a price typically found for the convenience of filling up on the water for boaters.
but with the rise in prices, the marina's manager says he expects that price to be four dollars when the tanks are filled by Thursday.

Mike Fenton says he usually gets a price before he buys, but was unable to after talking to the distributor.

Louisville Marina Manager Mike Fenton says, "They're just saying that it's being priced as they pick it up from the big tanks on Middlebrook Pike so it's a minute by minute, not a day by day deal."

Felton says he expects those with big boaters won't be as affected as those with small boaters.

Fenton believes many people will still go out on the lake but what they'll do is go to a favorite place and stay there all day and come home.

He feels there won't be as much running around to places, say to get lunch on the water, because if you look at including the price for gas, many people are having a tough time justifying a 35 dollar hamburger.

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