Wet weather good news for Grainger County tomato crop

RUTLEDGE, Tenn (WVLT) -- When you think about Grainger County, chances are you think of tomatoes.

Many farmers there depend on the world-famous Grainger County tomato. That means they also depend on rainfall.

For the last few years they haven't had enough. Jack Ritter says last year was his toughest year on the farm, but he believes this year will be better.

"This year, so far the rain is better than it was last year, and we appreciate that, that the good Lord has given us the rain that he has," Ritter says. "We're looking for more and we need more right now in order to keep our reservoir up where we can water our crops."

After selling tomatoes grown in warmer areas during the winter and early spring, Ritter says the first of this year's Grainger County tomatoes are available now at his red barn.

He expects even more to be ripe for the picking by next week.

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