Halt put on massive meat donation for Second Harvest

Blount County, Tenn. (WVLT) - Thousands of pounds of meat are being kept in the freezer at the Second Harvest Food Bank in Blount County.

It all came from a wreck that happened Sunday, when a truck overturned and spilled all of its cargo.

Two charities, Second Harvest and The Salvation Army were told they could use the meat and feed those in need. But now, the Knox County Health Department is saying that's not happening.

Elaine Streno with the Second Harvest Food Bank said, "There was no compromise on the meat we are food rescue team. We had it in a refrigerated truck in an hour in a half."

While Scott Bryan with the Knox County Health Department said,"We definitely don't want to put our stamp of approval on something that could make a lot of East Tennesseans sick."

Last we checked the distributing company still hasn't decided if they will let Second Harvest keep the meat.

If they are allowed to keep the packages any meat taken outside of Knox County, the USDA will investigate.

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