SmartFIX40 already increasing traffic in Knoxville's neighborhoods

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Along with SmartFIX40 detours, there are also detours involving the pleasant ridge road project, and that combo has one Northwest Knoxville neighborhood dealing with a lot of traffic.

Rocky's been helping out around June's home for years, but he's not seen this many parades.

But the parades he's seeing are of cars, trucks, and vans.

Rocky Tallent says, "The traffic just goes straight through from Clinton Highway to Pleasant Ridge Road. And I mean it's a steady flow of traffic everyday."

SmartFIX40, coupled with the Pleasant Ridge Road project, is a one-two traffic punch if you're looking for a way around.

Kristy Rutherford had to take a short-cut from her office and says, "I was going to Office Max, and I noticed Pleasant RIdge Road is closed. Had to take Rambling."

And for those living here, like Sal Sebae who lives on Rambling Road, say, "Kids. Nice neighborhood. Quiet."

Well, Quiet no more. Especially in the front yard.

Sal says, "The only difference I see is having the kids go play in the backyard instead of playing in the front."

June Woods has lived on Rambling Road for more than forty-years and says, "We have children getting off school buses at this corner and the corner up here."

June's lived here since 1964, and says "It's hard some days to get out and get the paper and the mail."

Rocky says, "Had a neighbor down the road said they counted over 300 cars yesterday."

Some having a lot more speed than others.

Rocky says, "I ain't got radar, but I know the difference between thirty and sixty...You know what I mean?"

June certainly does.

She says, "Especially this little rise right there. I'm just waiting for a head-on."

And there'll be plenty of time for that, a little more than a year for Smart Fix, nearly two for Pleasant Ridge Road.

Kristy says, "I hate all this construction everywhere. Especially I-40."

So, have you figured out your travel plans for running your daily errands?

It's looking like the time of day will make a difference.

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