Manhunt over for East Tennessee man accused of attacking family, now family speaks out

GRAINGER COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Now that the manhunt is over for the man accused of shooting, stabbing, and biting his family, the community is resting easier.

But the physical and emotional wounds his wife and her family suffered won't heal anytime soon.

VolunteerTV's Rob Pratt went to the home where the attack occurred and talked with a woman whose aunt and cousin survived it.

While Loretta Dalton recovers from her own gunshot wound, and waits by her husband's side at the hospital, her niece is at her house, trying to erase some painful reminders.

Shattred glass from the back doors is just one of the still-visible signs of the attack that left five people wounded. Delores Crowe does not want her aunt to come home to this.

"It was a total nightmare."

Pratt:"The nightmare began around 10:30. Crowe was not here, but her aunt Loretta Dalton was. She got hit by the first bullet, grazed in the head. Jeff Dalton was shot in the head too. He was critically wounded. The Sheriff says Randy Crawford fired the shots, using a knife to stab his wife Emily and his son, then biting his daughter when she tried to stop the attack.

Crowe says, "Loretta's been through a lot and Emily's been through a lot and their faith is what's brought them through this."

For four days Crawford was on the run. with dozens of officers doing searches from a command post across the street. The sheriff says he believes Crawford never went far. His answer to prayers.

Crowe says, "I had been praying you know that they would catch him and he would pay for what he has done by the law."

She says, "If he got out I believe he would try it again and next time he might succeed."

While many in the community have expressed anger over what happened, amazingly Crowe says the family has not.

"I never heard any of them say a hard word about Randy, what he done and put them through, they still have no, exactly, hate in their heart towards him."

Crowe says the family has survived tough times before. Just before Christmas their former home at the same location was destroyed by fire.

She says the family is asking everyone to join them as they pray that Jeff Dalton will recover.

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