How emergency crews will go to and from hospitals

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Getting to and from the hospitals Downtown might be a little tricky with the Smartfix 40 project.

Volunteer TV News rode along with Rural/Metro to find out which route they'll be taking. They told us it will depend on what time of day they're driving.

John Brinkley has been responding to calls for sixteen years with Rural/Metro. He's seen a lot of things, but the Smartfix 40 project still gets his heartrate up.

"We're kinda anxious about it, just to be able to get it started, to see how the systems gonna work how the roadways will flow," Brinkley said.

Rural/Metro will take the interstate to the hospital unless traffic gets bad. Then they'll take secondary roads like Broadway, Central and Kingston Pike to get to the hospitals.

"It'll be based on the time of day we'll also look at traffic on the interstate if any backups dispatch center will advise units to us to take secondary routes," Brinkley said.

Here's the way Rural/Metro is going. This might help you, too.

If they're going to UT from the east, they'll take 40 to Hall of Fame to Neyland then to 129 to Alcoa Highway. To go to St. Mary's they'll take I-75 to Woodland Avenue.

"It won't add any time to us because those are our normal routes, secondary routes may add a few minutes at the most getting to the hospital based on need of patient we can run emergency traffic if need be," Brinkley said.

Emergency traffic means with the sirens, so remember to merge to the right if you see an ambulance coming.

Rural/Metro says they've scheduled other meetings after Smartfix begins to make sure everything is running smoothly.

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