Members of Tennessee's 1175th return home to Jacksboro

JACKSBORO, Tenn. (WVLT) -- They're known as the Road Hogs, and for the last year, they've put over a million miles on their tires, transporting heavy equipment, through the countryside in Iraq.

But nothing felt better than those last few miles back to home sweet home in Campbell county where the 1175th finally returned home Tuesday with a lot of tears.

Every soldier that got on the bus last May, arrived safe and sound Tuesday.

Anticipation. A mother sprinting to her children. Being gone is worth the hero's welcome home. The kisses, the hugs. The marching, the mission, the marking, are complete.

Soldier's wife Amy Gresham says, "We marked off each day, each month, counting down till they came home."

The 1175th survived 15 IED attacks. For sergeant Jason Gresham, the IED he encountered exploded the wrong way.

"Angels, I really think, angels. God's been riding with us ever since we've been gone."

Hearts were lighter than a big, red balloon. Now about the first person off the bus today. Sergeant Carol Bush is her name, and she had a good reason.

"I was actually at the back of the bus, and I worked may way to the front of the bus. I had to see my kids."

What a day. Yes it was a day for heroes and really the whole family.

Sgt. Kenneth Lay's mother says, "Thank God for his return. We love you all."

"We love you all" -- that's being home in East Tennessee at its very best.

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