Classmates hold memorial for Coty Bluford

Coty Bluford
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Lenoir City (WVLT) - An emotional day Tuesday at Lenoir City High School.

The student body held a memorial service to say good-bye to Coty Bluford. He died last week in a freak accident in PE class. Now Coty's classmates have some closure after a terrible tragedy.

On the same field where 14-year-old Coty Bluford lost his life last Wednesday his friends gather to say a final farewell. Coty's girlfriend Taylor Stachowicz spoke to the crowd and a friend sang a song. Even Coty's dad seen here in the green shirt laughed at times as students spoke about his son.

"They had closure at the gravesite now they have closure at school especially for it be right where it happened we're standing in the very place where this accident happened," said Jamie Dewald of First Baptist Church Lenoir City.

It happened last Wednesday when Coty hit another students head during a flag football game and collapsed. Still shocked by what happened, everyone tries to find answers and explanations.

"I had heard about it at school and thought this is the guy who's run into me several times, and we both get back up and don't think anything about it, but this time he didn't," classmate Daniel Deaton said.

So today flowers and balloons represent the unwavering support for this panther who wore the jersey number 68. Now friends who will miss Coty and remember him always share hugs and console one another.

"God's in control. He loves us so much, but it's okay to grieve as we move on but to honor Him," classmate Jamie Dewald said.

In honor of Coty, students came down to the football field and released orange and black balloons.

"It was really good it brought us all together and like the speaker was saying when you go on through school you remember Coty and remember how he would lived," classmate Mazey Perkey said.

They will continue to remember how he lived, but no one at this school will ever forget how he died.

The students have already raised 1,200 dollars. The money is going to a scholarship fund in Coty's name.

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