Knox County Mayor will repay undocumented P-card purchases

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- The Knoxville News-Sentinel reports that Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale will pay back any P-card purchases for which there is no documentation.

The deadline for officials to respond to the Knox County purchasing card audit was Friday at noon, and the paper says auditor Richard Walls got over 1000 pages of documentation from Ragsdale, Chief of Staff Mike Arms, Chief Administrative Officer Dwight Van de Vate, former administrative assistant Margie Loyd, and embattled former community services director Cynthia Finch combined.

The Friday deadline was set by commissioners demanding that the current and former officials produce documentation for nearly $40,000 in purchases, or else pay up.

Knox County Commission has given law director John Owings the authority to sue if documentation or payment isn't provided.

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