Boaters watching fuel prices this Memorial Day weekend

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Gas prices have affected just about every part of our lives.

Many people are staying closer to home this holiday weekend because of higher fuel prices, but it's not just four wheeled vehicles that cost more to fill up. Gas is higher at the marina too, but it's not stopping water patrols this memorial day weekend.

With high gas prices many people are changing the way they plan vacations.

"Before we'd pick a place and go, never look at how much we're gonna spend always kept and eye on it, but now we really focus on what you spend where your gonna eat fast food take to motel," Knoxville resident Bill Hyde said.

It may change your habits, but experts say Americans are still going to travel.

"Over the years America's going to travel we're still going on vacation, but we may not go as far or as long but we're still going to travel," AAA spokesperson Stephani Milani said.

Hundreds of people are expected on the lakes this weekend, too. Gas prices at the marinas are even more expensive than at gas stations.

Here's a look at local marina gas prices: Lighthouse Point Marina on Douglas Lake has the cheapest with $4.09, followed by Cardinal Cove and Flat Hollow Marinas at $4.25, then Euchee Marina at Watts Bar Lake at $4.28. Volunteer Landing Marina has the most expensive at $4.39 a gallon.

The high gas prices aren't keeping water patrols at bay, they'll be out patrolling all weekend.

"We're still gonna get out we don't have any plans as of now changing the way we operate," boating officer Roy Smith said.

So even though it may change your travel habits, it's not changing the way state agencies do business to keep you safe on the water.

Analysts say gas prices could reach 4 dollars a gallon since oil prices continue to climb.

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