Jefferson County woman injured by pack of dogs

Jefferson County (WVLT) - A woman is recovering in the hospital after she was apparently attacked by several dogs.

The Citizen Tribune in Morristown reports Jessica Ann Zajac was jogging Thursday evening when she was attacked by the pack of dogs.

Volunteer TV's Heather Haley has more on how only some of the dogs have been caught.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department is investigating the apparent dog attack. They told the paper 7 or 8 blue heeler dogs were at the scene where they found the young woman and a trail of blood. As of Friday, three of the blue heelers, or cattle dogs, are at the Humane Society of Jefferson County. Executive Director Stephanie Moore says the dogs are very sweet. Moore says she believes the dogs might not have attacked the woman if they were spayed or neutered and not allowed to roam free.

"It really is not the animals' fault, originally they were wild animals, dogs were wild animals, so they were just following their instinct," Moore said.

Moore says they have traps laid out to try and catch the rest of the dogs. Now here's what you need to know if a dog or dogs come after you:

Moore says the biggest thing is to not run! She says to drop to the group and protect your head and neck. She says this should keep the animals from attacking.

The dog attack victim, Zajac, is currently in stable condition at UT Medical Center.

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