School board members talk about budget

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Knoxville (WVLT) - The economy is on everyone's mind, especially the Knox County School Board as they work towards doing away with 20 million dollars worth of programs.

As they try to balance the budget, school board members tell us how you can get involved.

It was last week when the school board received the bad news that next year's budget will be cut by 20 million dollars. Over the past few days, nothing has remained the same.

"Numbers are still coming in they're still changing everyday from state level," school board chair Karen Carson said.

So the school board is faced with having to slash curriculum your child is currently receiving. The school board is holding a workshop in two weeks to exclusively talk about the budget.

"We're working on what areas we can cut which programs aren't as affective as we'd want them to be," Carson said.

Since next year's budget is on everyone's mind, the school board is holding a finance education 101 class next Saturday. They'll give an overview of the budget talk about fixed increases we face this year about process we're going through to define and meet our budget.

"Money's tight for everybody right nwo so we want to share what we're doing to use the money well," Carson said.

Just another effort to let the public know what the board is doing as they think about cutting about 20 million dollars from the budget.

Knox County School Board Budget Education 101 Class for Public
June 12
West High School

Knox County School Board Budget Workshop
June 16
AJ Building, Downtown Knoxville

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