Summer-like heat has air conditioners humming, repair crews busy

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Summer hasn't even officially started, and half the days this month have already hit or topped 90-degrees.

So, how's your air-conditioner holding up?

Based on the heating and cooling unit companies we spoke with Monday, lots of you have had some problems.

They're saying humidity is the main culprit, and that the work load has been grueling.

Fourteen and 15-hour work days, back logs, and they're just now starting to get caught up -- with the sun beating down.

Bruce Randall with the John H. Coleman Company says, "I know our service department has had a stack of service calls this thick trying to fit them all in. They've been backed up.”

And temps on the rise, rising to way above average, now is not the time for your air-conditioner to go on the fritz.

Homeowner John Shearer says, "And it seems to be running all the time the last couple of weeks, but so far, it's been hanging in there. I don't know how many more weeks or years it will last. But so far it's doing OK."

Busy doesn't begin to describe the month local air-conditioner repairmen have had so far. And many are letting whatever can wait... wait. So they can get to those down units.

Randall says, "Call after call, just been swamped. Late evenings, Saturdays."

Last year, the really hot days didn't kick-in until later in the summer.

Randall says, "Had that first heat-snap and it hit hard. Usually, I think we ease into it. And this year, it was full-blast. Came out of nowhere and hit us"

Randall says when a unit goes down in this day and time, most customers are thinking a little more energy efficiently and are taking a chance now to upgrade their unit.

But whatever the case, having a working air-conditioner these days is a priority number one.

Randall says, "Yeah. There's a saying that goes around that people are without heat, they can live for the night. But if their air-conditioning's down, then it's got to be changed out ASAP."

Of the companies we called, some said the service phone calls have eased up this week compared to last week.

However, they say all it takes is another spike in temps to get the phones ringing again.

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