Students and friends remember 3 boys killed in Cumberland County

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) Those who knew the three boys killed in Cumberland County best spoke about losing their classmates and friends.

17 year-old Dominic Davis was best known for being very out-spoken, but friendly toward everyone he met. Kayla Lewis said she considered Dominic her best friend, after the two of them began school at the same time at Cumberland County High School. Dominic was a transfer student from Colorado.

"He could make people smile," Lewis said. "You could trust Dominic with everything you have. He's a very trustworthy person."

Dominic's principal, Janet Graham, reflected that sentiment.

"He was very sunny. He cared about people and he wanted to be respected I think, more than anything," Graham said.

16 year-old John Lajeunesse was once a student at Cumberland County High School, but then transferred to Stone Memorial High School, but was most recently being home-schooled. Friends who remembered him from his time at Stone Memorial said he was a quiet kid, but never caused any problems for anyone.

"He was very respectful. He was laid back, and he was just an easy going guy," said friend Eric Kinney.

And 17 year-old Steven Presley just graduated from The Phoenix School, after transferring from Cumberland County High School. Students remembered him as being quiet, never commanding attention and never having an issue with anyone.

Graham said grief counselors were used throughout the day for the students who needed the help. Students at both CCHS and Stone Memorial said it was an 'off' day for everyone it seemed walking through the halls and sitting in class.

"But to be a sad day, it was a good day," Graham reflected. "Because you could see the kids responding to one another. You could see the kids in a spirit of family...trying to lift each other up, and sometimes forgetting what they're thinking, in order to help someone else."

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