Anti-gay stance sparks windfall for Appalachian town

VICCO, Ky. (AP) -- Eight months after the tiny Appalachian town of Vicco took a stand against gay-based discrimination, it's basking in a flurry of attention and even an infusion of much-needed cash. All that fuss has its openly gay mayor dreaming of reviving a coal town that has long been fading.

Out-of-towners occasionally venture far off the interstate to visit the struggling coal town of about 330 residents. They pose for pictures in front of city hall or shake hands with Mayor Johnny Cummings.

The mayor says he thought the town's "15 minutes of fame" would have ended long ago.

Not even close.

The town may become the setting for a reality-based television show.

Perhaps even more welcome since passing the ordinance has been a potential financial windfall.

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