Community brought together for "I Sing of America"

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KNOXVILLE (WVLT) – Over the weekend there were several pre-celebrations for Independence Day.

On Saturday night Alcoa launched fireworks to celebrate Freedom Day. The following evening Knoxville's First Baptist Church demonstrated patriotism through song by hosting an event called “I Sing of America!”

According to its organizers, they had two objectives in mind. The first was to kickoff the week leading up to the nations 232nd birthday. Their second intention was to bring Knoxville’s downtown community together.

"We actually asked a number of people who live in the condos and lofts downtown what we could do to help them further enjoy the downtown community,” said Dr. Bill Shiell, senior pastor at First Baptist. “Two things came back, they said, ‘we want food and music.’"

First Baptist's Sanctuary Choir took care of the music with an hour's worth of entertainment.

Other members of the congregation assisted with the food. A barbecue was held in front of the church, which is one of downtown’s few grassy spaces.

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