Cat walks boy to school

KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- You've heard of dogs being man's best friend, but one cat in West Knox County proves that he's a boy's best buddy.

Frosty, a 2 year old cat, is the neighborhood mascot. He's friendly, loves to watch birds and he's really into people. In fact, Frosty is the main protector in the Smith household.

"The first week or so that we walked this school year, we noticed that Frosty was walking with us. He would get a little further and a little further," said Kara Smith, Frosty's owner.

He's always up early to walk his big brother, Pierson, to school.

Smith said, "All of the sudden he got to where he was approaching the school with us. and then he waits and walks home with me. It didn't take long, but everyday he became a little closer and closer, until it became a routine."

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