Man turns to police after strange findings in storage unit

GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- A Morristown man turns to police after some strange findings in a storage unit.

Barry Mabe says it was a large trunk that caught his eye at a Morristown storage unit auction.

"The trunk was what I was buying the unit for," he said. "I was hoping to find some good items in there."

But more than $50 later, he realized there was no value there.

" I finally opened the trunk to see what was in it, and it was disturbing," he said.

That's because there were dolls covered in fake blood, missing some body parts, and above them, a small sign that said "Murder Mayhem."

Mabe told Local 8 News he also found a bloody knife and what looked like patches of skin.

After going through the rest of the boxes, Mabe found dozens of letters written to a man in jail. He also found a card that read "violent offender."

Mabe reported the findings to Morristown Police. It's unclear if there's anything to the findings, but he hopes they'll help answer some questions.

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