South Knoxville sinkhole causing foundation to crack, homeowner says

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) A South Knoxville homeowner says that a sinkhole caused by a constatnly leaking water main is to blame for the foundation of his home beginning to crack.

Shane Berrier owns the house at 611 Phillips Avenue, and says he has never had any type of problems with the foundation of the home.

Until about two days ago.

"You could put a Volkswagon in it," Berrier says while standing on a patch of dirt and rock.

That patch of dirt and rock is what road crews used to fill in the sinkhole that opened up and swallowed parts of the road and parts of Berrier's lawn.

He noticed the road began to buckle last week and immediately called KUB.

"Another day went by, it continued to sink, then a depression formed over here in this yard," Berrier said while pointing across the road. "That hole was about eight foot deep with water flowing through it."

That's when Berrier noticed a crack forming in the foundation of his home.

"It just gets bigger and bigger," Berrier said.

Friday morning, he noticed another crack, this time on the other side of the home.

Even though Berrier owns the home, he rents it out so he hasn't been inside yet to access any possible damage. But looking through the basement window, he noticed the crack is visible inside as well.

Berrier contacted KUB and asked if they would come and fix the foundation of his house, saying that since the water main has leaked before and wasn't properly fixed they should pay to repair his foundation.

Berrier said KUB told him nothing would be done until an assessor could come out.

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