Family of murdered girl look for answers two years later

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) It's been two years since Brittany Eldredge was found murdered in her north Knoxville apartment just weeks before her first son was due.

"She really wanted to be a mother. That's one thing she really wanted to do was be a mother," said Eldridge's mom, Robin Owens.

Baby Zeke would be just weeks away from his second birthday, but he never got the chance to take his first breath.

"I struggle really just to get through every day trying to think about her not being here," said Owens.

This time of year, the family collects teddy bears through a foundation mom Robin and brother Jeff organized in the duo's memory.

"I hope that we can bring some justice to Brittany and baby Zeke. I hope that we can bring some closure to our family, because we need some peace," said Owens.

Two years after the murder, there's still no arrest.

"We're continuing to have DNA tested even as we speak.We've had to use in state labs and out of state labs. That takes time. Unfortunately that takes time. More time than the family would like and more time than we would like, but we are moving forward. We feel very confident about that," said Knoxville Police's Darrell Debusk.

Something the family says they understand.

"The problem is with that, you do not get but one chance at this. One shot, and that's all you get. And if you mess it up, this person walks."

But they'll also tell you, it never gets easier.

"It's a nightmare, because every day I wake up thinking, this can not be happening. This can not be real," said Owens.

The family is still collecting bears for the drive in memory of Zeke. Find the link below for more info.

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