A dying mother's wish for her children on Christmas

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT)- Shanna Flowers was diagnosed with terminal cancer and her condition requires around the clock care.

During the day she hires a nurse, but at night her two teenagers are her caretakers.

"They do everything, they dress me, they help me take a shower they have to take me back and forth to the bathroom," she says.

"Other days we will have to stay in her bedroom all day and look after her," says Shanna's Son, Phillip.

Shanna also has epilepsy which sometimes causes her to stop breathing.

She says her kids, Phillip and McKayla give her mouth to mouth to keep her alive.

"I will also do CPR," says McKayla, "Then I will have to look after her for a while to make sure she's breathing. I'll usually stay there throughout the night."

With medical bills pilling up and no real source of income, there's no money left for Christmas.

So Shanna contacted Local 8 News for help.

She wants to make sure her children have something under the tree Christmas morning.

"I would really love to see their face shine for Christmas. Just one more Christmas at least," says Shanna.

Phillip and McKayla surprised their mom with an early present, they took every cent they had, to buy their mom a picture frame.

Shanna says she will fill it with pictures so they can remember her when she's gone.

"They deserve a break they deserve something very very special."

McKayla has been chosen to be a student ambassador for her school, the trip will be a few thousand dollars and students usually fundraise for it.

But, with taking care of her mom McKayla doesn't have time to raise the money, without it she won't be able to go on the trip.

You can donate to McKayla at https://payment.peopletopeople.com/webpayments.aspx

Last name Flowers ID # 10198998

You can also send gifts to West Park Baptist Church in Knoxville.

8833 Middlebrook Pike, Middlebrook Pike, Knoxville, TN 37923
(865) 690-0031

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