Woman catches thieves stealing packages off porches

NORTH KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- People living in one North Knoxville neighborhood say someone is stealing packages right off front porches.

One woman saw the thieves do it in the middle of the day.

"I came outside and yelled, hey wait and as soon as I came out at that point they were gone."

Sarah Moss was stunned after she watched someone snatch a package from her neighbors porch, Christmas Day.

"I noticed this truck come up and park outside my neighbor's house, and this teenage kid pop out of the back," she says.

It was strange to Sarah because she thought her neighbors were out of town.

"He went up to the mailbox and grabbed the package right out of it and then as he was doing that, the driver of the car was turning the corner and he popped right back into the truck and took off."

But this isn't the first package to be stolen on Kenyon Street.

"My neighbors to that side, (left) they had a package delivered and I think they had the package delivered at like 4 and it was gone at 4:15. So, at that point we thought they were following the UPS Truck around the neighborhood."

The truck Sarah saw was silver, she didn't manage to get the license plate number but she called police immediately.

"That's no way to spend the Christmas holiday stealing packages from other people," she says.

With several shipping companies backed up from the holiday's, this neighborhood is on high alert.

"We're all out on the lookout for sure."

If you have packages headed your way, make sure you have someone sign for them or leave a note to have them delivered to a side or back door.

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