Campbell County freezes through winter storm

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Folks in Campbell County woke up to the first winter storm of the year. Ice cycles dangled from the Local 8 News trucks as temperatures dropped down to 16 degrees before noon.

The frigid air is unbearable. The chill is something that people, pets, and houses can't take.

Kenny Baird with Lafollette Utilities says, "There's a lot of homes here that don't have the proper insulation, there are mobile homes that probably aren't insulated - those are subject to extreme cold."

The cold is not only affecting people's homes, it's making the streets a danger zone.

Road crews have to work overtime to keep the pubic safe.

Dennis Potter, Campbell County's Road Superintendent said, "It'll affect everyone. Older people need to stay at home. It's dangerous if you get out in an accident, you could freeze to death."

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