Coalfield player reacts to team's punishment after post game fight

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WARTBURG, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Coalfield High School's baseball team is now banned from playing the rest of this season and in next year's post season. Center-fielder, Peyton Tinker says that's not fair.

“The umps were supposed to go straight to their car and go out the other dugout, but they didn't.”

Tinker says he took a step back when tempers flared between his team and an umpire after last Friday's game against Wartburg Central High School.

“Of course our fans are going to mouth off to them and stuff, and he [the umpire] just turned around and started jawing back and told one of the player's moms to shut up and he didn't like[that], and I probably wouldn't have either..."

Wartburg police say Brent Keener, who friends call "Bubba” is now charged with assault for taking a swing at an ump.

“I seen Bubba come around and he got our coach...from my honest opinion I don't think he hit him at all,” says Tinker.

That swing cost the yellow jackets the rest of this season and more.

"No post season next year, no district tournaments, anything at all."

Tinker adds, “We've got two seniors who I've played with since I was little and just like that it's over for them."

However Tinker says he doesn't put the blame on Keener.

Coalfield's athletic director, Shawn Basler says Keener has been dismissed from the team.

Rocky Goode, an instant replay official for the SEC, with nearly 40 years of experience as a game official, took a look at the video and says this sort of scene is rare.

"Well this is very unusual to have physical contact, mostly we get trained on verbal abuse and basically you just got to ignore it and you have to understand that they're not really 'booing' or yelling at you the person, they're yelling at the striped shirt or in this particular case it's the baseball umpire."

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