East Tenn. high school soccer players duke it out during game | UPDATE

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CLINTON, Tenn. (WVLT) -- For Clinton High School, the TSSAA has recommended a 2-year probation from post season play, a 3,000 dollar fine, and a 2 game suspension for anyone who was involved at the start of next season.

According to Central High School's Athletic Director, JD Lambert, the TSSAA recommends that Central's season come to an end as well as placing the team on probation.

Unsportsmanlike conduct has been a trend, growing for years and more of it is being seen in East Tennessee.

A few weeks ago, Local 8 shared video of a fight after a high school baseball game between Coalfield and Wartburg. This time, it's Central and Clinton. The high school's soccer teams duke it out during a match.

There are no free kicks or headers in the soccer footage. At Monday night's game between Central and Clinton, with just five minutes left, student athletes from both teams are seen pushing, shoving and even throwing some punches right in the middle of the field. Officials restored order and stopped the game. Now, administrators from both schools have until 10 a.m. Wednesday to respond to the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association with disciplinary action they plan to take.

"We've been in contact with the administration at both schools, actually talked directly to the athletic directors and we sent them a letter outlining what we think of the facts based on the officials' report that was submitted to us,” says TSSAA Executive Director, Bernard Childress.

TSSAA officials will review each school's plan for punishment, then decide if the penalties are appropriate or if more needs to be done.

Childress says, "It's something that we take a hard stance on and if you can't go out and conduct yourself in a sportsmanlike manner, our question always is -- why do you need to be participating."

Based on reports, Childress says the fight started with two students mouthing off at each other and it escalated from there. No one was seriously injured.

Local 8 reached out to both schools. Administrators at Central High School did not return our calls. Clinton High School's Principal, Eric Snyder says they are investigating the incident and expect to know more in a couple days.

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