Home for unwed teen moms in financial trouble

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Knoxville (WVLT) - There's a cry for help for financial contributions for a home that gives teenage mothers help after the baby is born.

It's the only place of it's kind, but without your help, the House of Courage won't be able to support teen mothers in need.

Danielle and Isabella enjoy a day at the park in this picture, but before the House of Courage, Danielle didn't enjoy much. At 18, Danielle lived in a shelter in Knoxville, but in March she became the first mother to graduate from the program that Bonnie Skolfield built.

"Now she's working full time in retail sales and she lives on her own in a one bedroom home and her little girl is in day care," Skolfield said.

The House of Courage takes in girls, often abused and stuck in a poverty situation, and gives them and their baby a home. The program offers parenting classes, social skills, and job skills.

"You don't want to repeat the cycle they want to change it just don't have the tools," Skolfield said.

Bonnie herself was a teenage mother so she can relate to the girls in the house.

"I was 15, so it was very scary not to know what responsibilities look like with a child," Skolfield said.

So they take the mothers under their wing, but House of Courage is in dire need of funds. They need $33,000 to get them through October.

"We will be back where we started and there will be no other place for these girls to go again," Skolfield said.

No other places for girls like Danielle and Isabella to go. A mother and daughter who with a little love and support are now leading self sufficient, successful lives.

They're not funded by the government, so they depend on people like you for donations. They can be sent to:

House of Courage
PO Box 4636
Maryville, TN 37802

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