East Tennessee woman fights to clean up Chilhowee Park and stop fishing

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) An East Tennessee woman says she is fed up with seeing fishing lines, hooks, and other garbage being left behind at Chilhowee Park.

When Deanna Moore goes to Chilhowee Park with her kids, she expects to have a pleasant experience of letting her children play and watch the ducks. But her recent trips haven't been so pleasant.

"It's just a mess," Moore said.

In the past few weeks, every time Moore heads to the park she finds fishing tackle laying around the pond. She even has a plastic bag full of some of the refuse she's keeping as proof of what she's found.

The bag is stuffed full of fishing line, fish hooks, sinkers, netting, even a knife. Moore has even seen a couple of ducks with fishing line wrapped around their bodies, and another duck with a hook stuck in its neck.

"People...they just don't care. They throw their stuff down, they don't want to pick it up. They don't realize the negative impact that it has on the animals that can't defend themselves from it," Moore explained as she scoured the park for more garbage.

But she's worried someone will get hurt with so much junk laying around, especially her kids.

"They come down here thinking they get to run around and play and see the animals, and they get down trying to feed the ducks and there's hook on the ground that get caught in them," she said.

Moore said she emailed the city to inform them about the mess, and said she got a response that explained they are looking into what's happening.

Moore also has a petition she started to try to keep people from fishing at Chilhowee Park in hopes that it will stop people from leaving so much garbage behind. You can read the petition by clicking the link to the right.

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