East Tennessee tree service crew members headed to Gustav-hit Gulf

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- People from all across East Tennessee and other states are heading south to help those hit by Hurricane Gustav.

Volunteer TV caught up with crews from Wolf Tree heading to Louisiana Monday morning.

More than 90 workers will stage in Monroe, La., and from there, they will head to anywhere they are needed to help clear trees and debris from power lines.

The company says crews could be gone for days or even weeks, but workers say helping out the hurricane victims is well worth the sacrifice.

Crew member Dale Mayfield says, "All my grandkids. I hate to leave them, but we gotta do what we gotta do to help these people down there."

Crew member Randall Gorden says, "We all care about everybody else. We got homes to come home to, and some of those people aren't going to. So we wanna try and do our best to get them situated."

The American Red Cross already has a team in an emergency response vehicle staging in Mississippi waiting to see where they are needed to serve food for victims and rescuers.

A Rural Metro firefighting crew left for the area Monday morning.

They have a contract with Citgo, and will help in case there is a fire or a problem if the refinery needs to be shut down.

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