Long lines for Knox County voters

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KNOXVILLE (WVLT) - About 80 people lined up outside Inskip Elementary to cast their vote in the 2008 Election. Election officer Nancy Stinnette says the lines Tuesday were longer than usual.

"It's wild. In the presidential we usually have a lot more people come out and vote, but I can't remember really this early in the morning having a line way out in the street and almost to the road."

In the first hour, about 100 people cast ballots.

Michelle Hylton waited in line about a half hour. "I just believe this election is important and the way the country is going, I think it needs a new direction and that's why I came out today."

Most people like Ruby Jones didn't mind waiting outside for the chance to exercise their right. "I came out because it was my duty to the country. I will vote my conscience and I think I'm going to vote the right man."

Election officers expect lines to stay steady. "We're going to be busy all day which makes our time go faster. We'd rather be busy. We'd rather see people out voting," says Stinnette.

Lines also formed early at the University Center on the UT campus. Election officer Jan Larson says it was busy from the moment the doors opened. "It's been pretty steady ever since, we've handled the crowds pretty well I think." She says about 150 students voted in the first 2 hours.

Larson says the biggest problem they've had is getting students to the right polling locations. Only students who live on campus can vote at the University Center. "We're dealing with a lot of first time voters who don't realize on election day you have to vote in the precinct in which you live," says Larson.

Katie Singer is a freshman and a first time voter.

"It was really exciting to have a difference and get my opinion heard through the ballot."

She says students her age should vote instead of complaining. "So that we could make a difference because we're the young people so we can decide because we're going to be living through it."

Most students like Ben Allen say their peers are heading to the polls as well. "It's a very deciding election for our future in general. I think it's going to show a lot of our generation how we decide on this issue between parties."

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