Police Bust "Sex Fest" in Campbell County

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Knoxville, TENN. (WVLT) -- Sex and drugs. Campbell County authorities say both have been going on at an adult bookstore along I-75. Only Volunteer T-V was there as officers moved to stop it Saturday night.

Caryville Police Chief Bill Widener says his office has recieved complaints about Adult World for about a year. Now he says they had the information to make their move.

Some of the information in this report is extremely graphic.

Campbell County and state law enforcement officers busted what they call a meet-and-greet "Sex Fest." They say it's all taken place at the red lights of Adult World along I-75.

Chief Widener describes the activity as, "Man on man. We don't know about men and women."

Widener says he sent in an officer undercover last weekend. He says that officer found,"Masterbation on the theater side and oral sex and sodomy stuff on the other side."

The signs on the private movie viewing booths in the Adult Arcade read "No sexual activity." But Chief Widener says it's where most of the action happened.

"It's against our city ordinances to openly have sex anwhere other than home, or in the privacy of yourself, but people can come in and see this, watching other people have sex," Widener said.

Widener says at least 35 visitors were here during last week's investigation.

Some of those cuffed tonight insist innonence.

"I was here with my girlfriend and we were just watching the movie in the theater. That's it. No sex? No sir," one of the arrested men said.

Adult World's shift managers also denies anything illegal.

"You'll have to talk to the owners. That's all I"m saying," said the shift manager, who refused to give her name.

Volunteer T-V's quick search on the internet personal ads on Craigslist found listing for people looking for everything from a good time to sex at the store.

Caryville Police haven't said how many were arrested at Saturday night's bust. Chief Widener says his undercover officer also found drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, and meth last week. Officers searched for drugs this time, but there's been no word on what they found, if anything.

Chief Widener says police has revoked Adult Worlds' license. LaFollette Police, The Campbell County Sheriff's Office, Jacksboro Police, and The Tennessee Highway Patrol also helped in the raid.

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