Black Friday Deals Already Out

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Knoxville, TENN (WVLT) -- Thanksgiving's still more than two weeks away. But some Knoxville shoppers are already counting down the days to the big sales. And you can already find the ads, if you know where to look.

A few quick searches online and you're in business, and the day after Thanksgiving is big business. The National Retail Federation says 66,000,000 shoppers hit the stores last year, and 1 in 4 were in the stores before 5:00 am.

We've got you set for a head start.

In the rush to the holiday register, Stefni Cassidy says plannings key.

"We look at the ads to see, compare prices and we do internet shopping to see who has the best deals," Cassidy said.

Sure, Thanksgiving's still more than two weeks away, but the Black Friday ads are already out there. You just have to know where to look.

Store like Lowes have let their shopping secrets out online.The ads promise "super buys" on items such as a Black and Decker four-piece cordless tool combo. The price is slashed by about a $100.
You can also pick-up grab pre-lit tree for less than $40.

"Mostly electronics that's what we buy every year anyway." Cassidy said about her own Black Friday shopping list.

For that, websites like Black Friday-dot com can help. The site lists a deal on a 8 mega pixel digital Olympus camera for less than $100 at Staples. Same goes for a TomTom GPS navigation system.

If you're looking for a computer, you may to check out Dell. We found an Inspiron 1525 laptop marked down nearly $300 bucks. It's just a one-day-deal.

K-mart also lists a 42-inch plasma HDTV for less than $700, and a DVD player for $14.99. But you'll have to put down the turkey for those deals. They're just available Thanksgiving day.

Sears lists all fine jewelry off extra 20%, and all gold and sterling silver also off an extra 20%.

But for shoppers like James Wolz, no deals good enough to fight the mob of shoppers that come out for the sales.

"Not unless they're selling houses for ten bucks just because of lines and the crowd. People get crazy," Wolz said.

But Cassidy says that's part of the fun.

"Ready to start getting in the Christmas spirit," Cassidy said.

The National Retail Federation's predicting holiday sales to grow just more than two perent from last year. That would be smallest increase in 5 years.

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