TDOT shutting down road work Wednesday ahead of Thanksgiving

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- Highway construction crews will knock off at noon on Wednesday for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and won't resume work until the early morning hours of Dec. 1.

Tennessee Transportation Commissioner Gerald Nicely said his department wants to clear the roads for hundreds of thousands of travelers who will be visiting family and friends over the holiday.

Despite the recent dramatic drop in gasoline prices, the AAA Auto Club South predicts travel in Tennessee will be down slightly this Thanksgiving compared with the last one.

The Auto Club expects nearly 1 million Tennesseans to travel to destinations at least 50 miles away during the Thanksgiving holiday period.

While Triple A predicts travel in Tennessee will be down by 1.4 percent, the Southeast accounts for nearly a quarter of the nation's Thanksgiving travel with 10 million travelers.

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