Kidnapped Baby Found Alive

Union, Mo. (AP) -- Authorities in Missouri say a baby taken from her mother last week has been recovered and is in excellent condition.

And officials say a woman who had recently miscarried has been arrested.

An emergency room doctor in Washington, Missouri, says eleven-day old Abigale Woods was in good condition when she arrived at the hospital. She's been reunited with her family.

The suspect's sister-in-law is being credited with breaking the case. Dorothy Torrez contacted authorities.

The suspect, identified by the FBI as Shannon Beck, allegedly told Torrez she had given birth. Torrez visited beck yesterday and noticed what appeared to be makeup on the baby's forehead. It was covering a small birthmark that had been publicly described by police.

The child's mother told police friday a woman entered her rural home, attacked her with a knife and stole the baby.

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