Local Church Looking for Five Times Normal Attendance

For mega churches all across our area, seeing hundreds of people at worship isn't a big deal, but it can be for many smaller churches. One church in Campbell County wants to see five times their usual attendance for at least one day with the hopes of their church growing and the word of god spreading.

Volunteer TV's Stacy McCloud has more on their efforts.

It's not every day a church turns 125.

"They've been here sharing for all those years," said interim pastor Brother Douglas Clem.

But that special anniversary is just around the corner for First Baptist LaFollette.

"I envision it to being the most exciting day this church has ever experienced in their 125 year history," Clem said.

Come October 22nd, Brother Douglas Clem has faith that these pews will be overflowing with members, former members and visitors from all around.

"We want it to be a new beginning and a time that not only challenges us, but challenges all of our community to realize that we can make a difference," Clem said.

The plans aren't just part of celebrating centuries of worship, they're part of a mission, a prayer, to get people back in touch with the church and the Lord.

"We get to where we focus inside too much instead of outside, and I believe the Lord's task for the church is to reach out"

The event carries a simple name, Miracle Day, but the goal is rather big.

"One hundred twenty is what we've averaging right now," Clem said. "Our goal is 500 in Bible study that day."

"When God is your partner, make your plans big. So that is my goal," Clem said.

Brother Clem has a personal prayer to sign up at least 100.

"I have 30 signed up now," Clem said.

Each member has their own magic number, and their certainly reaching it. More than 360 have already signed up. A little friendly competition with everyone involved a winner because the final goal isn't to just gain new members. Clem says the miracle comes because you're linking communities.

"It gives you an introduction to the people in the community you have never met before," Clem said. "A homecoming and we want people to come home to Campbell County and First Baptist Church LaFollette."
If you're interested, you can attend October 22nd at 9:45am or they would prefer you contact the church to sign up because they are having a big lunch following worship. That number you can call is (423)-562-7649.