Voters Log On To Check Out Candidates

How can you make sure a candidates' numbers and claims add up?

It's one thing to play truth squad with all the commercials but quite another to determine what further sources are reliable or at least, clue you in on their spin as your trying to sort out what's on the net and your tv set.

Everything you need to know about a candidate in 30 seconds?

AARP's one of dozens of groups running ads in swing states pushing websites that break down candidates records and answers.

"We base a lot of those voter guide questions on what our members are telling us are the issues they care about. The candidates recognize that we have 657,000 members in this state and our members vote," said Mary Liz - Knish from AARP in Tennessee.

"I think a website would be very helpful. You could do it on your own time, any time you needed to," said Richie Bannister a Knoxville voter.

"It would depend on who is running the website. Obviously,
if you had a not-for-profit, non-partisan website, then yeah--
I would probably," said another Knox County voter, Dave Harshey.

AARP and project vote smart bill their sites as non partisan.

Sources aside Richie Bannister says he probably will vote with his gut but his wife Amanda disagrees.

"I'd rather not vote than to feel like I voted on somebody that the issues were not what I wanted, and they got elected."