Keeping Knox County Students Safe In School

Incidents like the one Friday morning in Pennsylvania riase concern among all parents about their child's safety in school.

School security is certainly a top priority in the area's school systems.

We sat in on a work session with the board of eduction today in Knox County.

After three school shootings throughout the nation in the last week, they're taking another close look at the procedures they have in place and making sure they're doing all they can to protect your children.

We want to review what we're doing so we can continue to be in a preventative mode rather than have to react to a tragedy," said Karen Carson a school board member.

They are reviewing security.

"We've asked the superintendant to review our plans and to check with the Sheriff's Department and our own security deptartment to make sure there's nothing esle we need to be doing," said Carson.

Some measures you can see everyday at your child's school.

"Restricted access we have on some of the buildings the security people we have out there," said Russ Oaks with Knox County Schools.

Others are constantly in progress under the surface.

"We have a mechanism for teachers to provide the infomation, get it all in one place and it's analyzed and then we determine if we have to go talk to parents," said Oaks.

Now, with 2 deadly school shootings in the past two weeks the first in Colorado and another Monday in Pennsylvania where outsiders came into the school, board members want you to be reassured that thay're doing their best to protect your kids.

"That goes back to the restricted access and the presence of uniformed personell, but the threat assessment teams are not just related to people in the school because we can receive information from outside as well," said Oaks.

School security teams need your input and cooperation, too.

"It's important parents need to remember why we ask everybody to check into a school. It's not to hide anything in the schools, we wanna protect all of our kids," said Carson.