Controversial Tax Keeps Claiborne Schools Open

Tazewell, Claiborne County (WVLT) - Claiborne County Schools will remain open for at least the rest of the school year, but not without some controversy.

County leaders passed a 12 cent property tax at their meeting Thursday night.

If county leaders hadn't passed it, they would have faced a lawsuit and schools could have shut down.

But still, some residents say they aren't happy about the tax hike.

"It's going to put a hardship on a lot of people in this county. You see, this is a low paying area, not like Knoxville, you know, and people's just pushed to the limit. They can't take no more," Claiborne County resident Bruce Seal says.

County leaders say this budget will get them through the rest of this school year, but the issue will have to be revisited at a later date.