Officer Involved Shooting In North Knoxville

Two Knoxville Police Officers were involved in a shooting Sunday night around 6:00.

KPD tells us one of their officers shot a suspect, after the suspect tried to run over the officer.

"Officers were on patrol in the Western Heights area when they spotted an individual known to them who has eluded police several times this week," said Shawna Williams from KPD.

Knoxville Police say Officers Daryl Sexton and Norman Rickman then got out of their patrol car and approached the suspect on foot.

"As officers approached this individual he attempted to strike the officers with the vehicle and attempted to run them over. This left officers no choice but to defend their lives and shots were fired," said Williams.

"You hear pow, pow, pow, six gunshots going off and then one police officer was going through here and said halt, stop, don't run. Then I hear pow, pow, pow," said Michael Mullins a witness.

Police say the officer shot the suspect in the hand through the windshield, exactly what they're trained to do. The suspect is identified as Robert Winton. Police say he had 11 warrants on file and has a extensive criminal history.

"If an officer feels his life or her life is in emminent danger or a citizens life is in danger, they're going to defend themselves or the public. In this situation the officers life was emminent danger," said Williams.

Fortunately, no surrounding neighbors were injured.

"I thought well, must've been another shooting or something."

Denise Kagley wasn't home at the time of the shooting, but lives right in front of the crime scene...

"I don't feel safe, and my grandbabies, I hate bringing them out in the yard to play cause I'm afraid what's gonna happen next."

Kagley says she's looking to move out of Western Heights.

"Things aren't getting any better. It's just getting worse and there's more prostitution, more drugs, more everything."

And KPD says shootings like this one serve as a wake up call for everyone.

"It just helps to remember that nothing is routine. That everything could and does have the potential to be a violent encounter. Of course, that's not our choice," said Williams.