Congressman Duncan Reacts To Message From White House

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With all the negative news coming out of Iraq, the White House is changing the way it describes its war strategy.
The "stay the course" message will no longer be used.
Volunteer TV's Gary Loe attended Congressman Jimmy Duncan's annual family barbecue and has more on the this change in message.
Congressman Duncan was among the first lawmakers to oppose the US going to war in Iraq, and he says his views remain the same even today.
The White House says there will be no more "stay the course" talk from President Bush. His spokesman says that message wasn't working.
The White House says that phrase allowed critics to say the Bush administration developed a policy without assessing the situation.
October is now the deadliest month for US troops in nearly two years, and about 100 Iraqis are killed each day.
The Bush administration is under tremendous political pressure to change course, with the mid-term elections just 2 weeks away.
Voters say Iraq is their number one issue.
Congressman Duncan is concerned that the only change with today's announcement is that the Bush administration will no longer use the phrase, "stay the course."
"The sides have done a great job and there is certainly no criticism of them. We simply cannot afford to establish an empire around the world and take on the military needs and obligations of the entire world, we cant do that."
The White House says it has abandoned that "stay the course" message, but its strategy remains the same.
An administration spokesman says there is no dramatic shift in policy, and critics say that's the problem.
In the meantime, supporters of Congressman Duncan, elected officials, and republican party members continued to discuss politics at the annual Duncan family dinner held at the Civic Coliseum.