Bright Outlook for Knoxville College

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Last year, the future was in doubt for Knoxville College.
The school had lost it's accreditation and it's president was fired.
It was in danger of shutting down.
But what a difference a year makes.
Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt has more on how three big announcements are helping the college make a comeback.
Officials at Knoxville College say it has definitely been a tough couple of years, but they're making every effort to move the school into the future, and a big grant today really helps.
Homecoming started off better than most recent years at Knoxville College with three big announcements, all adding up to a bright future.
Shelton Hunter, a student there says, "I think it demonstrates a certain livelihood that's going on around the campus right now, there's a spirit of survival going on right now."
A 30,000 dollar donation from UT Battelle, who manages Oak Ridge National Laboratory for the Department of Energy, will renovate the A.K. Stewart science hall.
Mike Bradley from UT Battelle says, "every facility goes through a time when it needs to be upgraded and new infrastructure and we were glad to be able to contribute to upgrading Knoxville college."
Joseph Tyler has 3 classes in the math and science building, and says the changes are needed.
"I think it'll upgrade our resources and some of the things we have and get us back on track technology wise and so forth."
The announcements will also be an economic boost to the community.
The international black film and media professionals have chosen the college to host a film festival in may 2007.
Will Minter of Knoxville College says, "we are good corporate partner to this community and it's important that we show the economic impact of the school on Knoxville."
It was announced that nationally known author and journalist, Samuel Yette will be teaching a writers workshop in December.
And students just starting their college education off, get to be a part of Knoxville's heritage.
Tyler says, "it's a revival of our school, something that we can look forward to that can help us and future students."
Minter says Knoxville College is a vital part of the city's heritage, and the college will be a force in the community once again.